Urban Green

More than half of the global population is living in cities, although urban area constitutes only 2% of the planet’s land area. Urbanization is expected to continue till 2050 and increase the cities area percentage up to 80%.

Cities are artificial ecosystems, dominated by anthropogenic and ‘grey’ infrastructures. Green infrastructure, on the other hand, is the living part of the urban fabric. Τhey consist of parks, trees and green spaces, urban and periurban forests, spaces where urban agriculture is taking place, green roofs, vertical gardens as well as green spaces along urban streams.

The benefits of Green infrastructure include:

  • regulation of extreme temperatures
  • reduction of air pollution
  • improvement of residents’ health and wellness
  • reduction of energy loss
  • reduction of surface precipitation runoff and consequently soil erosion
  • reduction of noise level
  • improvement of air and water quality
  • enhancement of recreation
  • creation of flora and fauna habitats
  • improvement of landscape aesthetics
  • positive effect on consumers’ behavior
  • increase in the value of real estate

Urban Green Management

Urban forestry originated in North America in 1965. According to the Dictionary of Forestry (Helms 1998) and the Society of American Foresters (2008), the term is defined as:

”Urban Forestry is the art, science and technology of managing trees and forest resources, located in and around urban ecosystems for their ecological, social, financial and aesthetical benefits to society ”.

This term prevailed because most of the trees used in the urban environment are forest species and their handling has nothing to do with horticulture, which is mainly aimed to fruit production.

Urban green management requires modern tools for inventory, continuous monitoring, recording of maintenance/ replacement needs, but also for highlighting any problems related to the trees in the city.

In order to address this need, HOMEOTECH Co. developed the individualized application package GreenTree for the management of urban trees in 2015. The initial development was part of the project: «Creation of an Integrated Model System for Governance in Urban Forestry and City Adaptation to Climate Change», (acr. URBAN.FOR.MA.S) and is continuously evolving since then to meet the requirements of the entities responsible for the management of trees within the urban fabric in the best possible way. The application is customized to the needs of each client, integrating the relevant maps, streets’ lists and other useful information.

The GreenTree application package is addressed to entities/ organizations responsible for managing urban green areas and consists of:

  • an Inventory system for urban green through an android application – creation of tree inventory
  • Online map with the results of the inventory
  • Integrated platform for urban green management
  • Urban green statistical data
  • Realtime estimation of carbon sequestration


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