GreenTree Server

The GreenTree Server online platform provides access to the tree inventory data, on two accessibility levels:

Α. Οpen access features

No registration required; access is open to all users.

  • Trees’ overview on the map (as a guest, mainly for citizens)

Users can view trees of their choice on the map of each municipality area. Entering this tool as a guest displays a subset of the total recorded information of the inventory.

  • General overview of urban green through live statistical data

Users have access to statistical data resulting from the inventory analysis e.g., number and species of trees as well as estimation of the amount of CO2 sequestration by trees in real time, taking into account their annual growth.

  • contact with urban green managers in order to report issues

Any citizen can contact the Municipality to report an issue or problem, potentially caused by an individual tree.

Authorized users (urban green managers) can easily and directly monitor the condition of green in the same way as citizens. In addition, they have access to all the data in the tree inventory, as well as to other functions of the platform such as:

  • locate, view, update and register new trees and parks

  • mapping (view/ change location) trees and parks
  • view the recorded data history for trees and parks
  • locate, view, update and register new field works on trees or parks through additional data tables
  • change settings / enter system options

Authorized users – administrators of the tree inventory have the ability to:

  • systematically monitor the growth of each tree, as the register contains descriptive parameters and variables, such as tree type, characteristics, age, etc.,
  • recognize its current condition in relation to its surroundings as for each individual tree there is photographic documentation
  • plan the forestry operations that need to be carried out, as they arise from the overall database that is continuously updated,
  • collect and organize the results of the environmental measurements, which can even be used to calculate the amount of CO2 sequestration.


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